Expanding the ecosystem ROI

Connectifi makes implementing FDC3 easy and interopability predictable and measurable so that you can focus on the ROI from your ecosystem.


Platforms aren't monoliths. They are ecosystems of applications developed by different teams, on different technologies, and with different roadmaps. These differences don’t have to become roadblocks to your  platform working together to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.


Workflow doesn’t stop at the desktop’s edge. Allow users to connect their workflows no matter what devices they are using. Go from mobile on your commute to desktop without missing a beat. Securely work across multiple machines in tandem. Send your workflow to the device of your choice


Keep your users connected to your platform even when they are somewhere else. Engage with contextually relevant content and functionality without being aggregated or diluted. Your UX, your data, your interop.