Your platform, your ecosystem, your interop.

Fast, secure, and scalable interoperability connecting applications across desktop, web, and mobile.

Cloud interoperability for all applications


Connect any application, anywhere


Verifiable and secure interop for all participants


Accelerate time to market for integration projects


Run in any desktop application


Interop direct in browser


Connect into mobile devices

Architecture that scales

Move application interoperability out of the desktop and to the cloud, where it can be provided with the resources, controls, and observability expected of any critical function in a modern system.

Container and client agnostic tech

No install interoperability in browsers, mobile, any desktop container platform, Electron variant, and native applications.

Committed to open standards

We are members and maintainers at the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS), part of the Linux Foundation.

We run on web standard tech that implements the FDC3 interoperability standard. There are no proprietary APIs for your dev team to master and no vendor lock-in of your application or platform.


The fastest way to get started with FDC3

Build and run FDC3 applications directly in  browser today using the Connectifi FDC3 Sandbox!


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