Our Story

Co-founded by pioneers of FDC3 and app interop in capital markets, we bring together decades of experience in cloud, interoperability, and digital transformation to provide secure connectivity across all applications running anywhere.


Nick Kolba
Nick Kolba
CEO & Co-founder
Brian Schwinn
Brian Schwinn
CTO & Co-founder
Brian Schwinn
Kevin Green
VP Engineering


ComitFS was established in 2004 with a mission to become the enabling middleware solution that ensures regulated conversations on devices work seamlessly within customer applications.
eXate is a distributed software platform for enforcing data privacy, data protection, and dynamic Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) by embedding centralised controls in common data ingestion and distribution points.
Norman & Sons
Norman & Sons
Leads the design and delivery of some of the best-known digital products for world-leading financial services firms and product firms.


We are proud to have investment from some of the the top tech-focused VC firms in the world and who share our vision for the next generation of FDC3 and application interoperability .

Nick Kolba
Blumberg Capital
New York, San Francisco, Miami, Tel Aviv


FDC3 has a rich ecosystem of participants and supporting code projects. Connectifi is a maintainer of the FDC3 standard as well as the FDC3 Sail project. Connectifi also offers a number of open source and free accelerators to the community.

FDC3 Sail
FDC3 Sandbox