January 26, 2024

Welcome to the Sandbox

Welcome to the Sandbox

We’re excited to welcome Polygon.io to the Connectifi FDC3 Sandbox!  The addition of Polygon.io data services further expands the range of 3rd party content now available in this free and out of the box FDC3 development environment.  

Connectifi is the only cloud native and SaaS provider of FDC3 standard application interoperability. Cloud native means that the Sandbox runs directly in a browser using only standard web technology. There are no proprietary installs or extensions required!  

Getting pricing from a Polygon.io powered app using the GetPrice intent

AdapTable Tools, ChartIQ, and Polygon.io apps sharing data via FDC3 broadcast

What’s Next?

Look for more data-centric interoperability with Polygon.io and other providers using our Hooks integrations.  Hooks enable integrations that leverage server to server APIs and connect directly to the user interface with FDC3 standard APIs to create powerful and robust workflows.  Contact us to learn more.

Integrate Your App with the Sandbox Today!

Getting started is easy:

-- CODE language-sh --
const fdc3 = await createAgent( 'https://dev.connectifi-interop.com', '[myApp]@sandbox');

  • Use the standard FDC3 API to interoperate with anything in the Sandbox

Want to integrate your App?  Contact us to get signed up!