June 26, 2023

The Connectifi Sandbox - No Assembly Required

The Connectifi Sandbox - No Assembly Required

One of the consistent challenges for developing with FDC3 -- or even just explaining the value proposition -- has been that FDC3 could only run in specialized systems that require install. Meaning there was no way you could just send somebody a link and say this is FDC3 try it out!

With Connectifi's FDC3 Sandbox, that has all changed.

The FDC3 Sandbox is a free development environment that will run in any modern browser without install, extensions, or special configuration. The Sandbox is powered by Connectifi's cloud service which enables secure application interoperability across browser, desktop container, native apps, and across devices. It empowers users to explore FDC3 use cases using the provided out-of-the-box demo apps and tools. Users can also add their their own apps into the Sandbox for rapid developing, testing, and demoing of your own use cases.

Use Cases

FDC3 use cases supported by the Sandbox include:

  • Joining and broadcasting to System/User Channels
  • Creating and broadcasting to App Channels
  • Raising intents and discovering intents from contexts
  • Handling context broadcasts and intents

Channel Viewer

The Sandbox provides a Channel Viewer App. This powerful utility visualizes the current contexts for all channels across a session. Both System and App channels are supported.

Multi-Window Mode

There is support for any window environment you use. Running a fleet of web applications or PWAs? App tabs can be popped out into independent windows, supporting robust multi-window setups.

Your App Here...

We've done the heavy lifting to make it easy for you to run you own app in the Sandbox. Connectifi works securely cross-origin and works with any existing web framework. Get our NPM module, connect to the Sandbox directory, and then use the standard (and conformant) FDC3 API.   Checkout out our Getting Started blog post for more details on how to integrate FDC3 into your apps using Connectifi!

Check the Console

The FDC3 Sandbox provides a powerful console that logs all FDC3 calls in the test harness. Enabling engineers to quickly understand (and copy) the code happening behind the scenes.

What's Next

We're looking for your feedback to add more features, scenarios, and demos to the FDC3 Sandbox. Tell us:

  • How are you using the Sandbox?  What works and what falls short?
  • What are your current pain points with FDC3 development / adoption?
  • What are the use cases you want to see patterns for?

We want to hear from you!  Reach us at info@connectifi.co