June 26, 2023

Seed Funding

Seed Funding

Connectifi Secures Seed Funding to Bring FDC3 Interop to the Cloud

Montclair, New Jersey - June 6, 2023 - Connectifi, an application interoperability company, announced today it has closed Seed funding to bring the open source FDC3 standard to the cloud. Led by Blumberg Capital with co-investment from Engineering Capital, the funding represents growing demand for interoperability that goes beyond the desktop and interest by venture capital firms in what was once niche capital markets tech.

Over the past 5 years, momentum around app interoperability has grown exponentially in finance with the wide adoption of the open source FDC3 standard by leading banks, buy sides, and vendors. Co-founded by the creator of FDC3 and technology veterans in finance, Connectifi provides FDC3 compliant application interoperability as a secure cloud service so that users can share data and functionality across applications regardless of the technology or device they are running on. Connectifi works out of the box in browsers without install, across desktop containers, in native applications, and in mobile, removing barriers across ecosystems.  Connectifi’s data-driven approach empowers platforms to understand the ROI of their integrations and ensure the security and stability of their ecosystem.

Nick Kolba, CEO and co-founder of Connectifi said “We couldn’t be more excited to be working with technology focused firms like Blumberg Capital and Engineering Capital to build this next generation vision of FDC3 and application interoperability. We see a world where platforms are free to build secure and open ecosystems that transcend walled gardens and deliver far more value to end users. ”

“The growth of apps in every industry has created tremendous fragmentation and inefficient workflows,"  said Stanton Green, senior director at Blumberg Capital. "Connectifi is working to revolutionize the interoperability of those apps across a given firm's tech ecosystem. Nick and Brian's work with FDC3 is a tremendous advantage in their efforts. The Blumberg Capital team is proud to be part of Connectifi's journey and to welcome them to our community of visionary founders building the future of enterprise technology."

"Engineering Capital specializes in companies based on technical insights. I believe the differentiated approach by Connectifi, and the technology they have already developed will be rapidly adopted as enterprises recognize the benefits of FDC3," said Ashmeet Sidana, founder and chief engineer at Engineering Capital. "We know Connectifi had multiple choices and are grateful they chose to partner with us from the very start of their journey." 

"I am personally excited to welcome another very promising player in the FDC3 arena.  Connectifi is well positioned with Nick's expertise as the original creator of the standard itself," said Gabriele Columbro, executive director of FINOS and general manager of Linux Foundation Europe. "This comes within the broader trend of Silicon Valley investing in FINOS projects, in the realization that financial services is the next industry ripe for open source disruption.”'

Connectifi plans to use $3.4M in Seed funding to accelerate the development of their cloud-based FDC3 platform and accelerate growth of the FDC3 ecosystem overall.

About Connectifi

Connectifi brings FDC3 interoperability to the cloud, making it broadly accessible across enterprises and enabling FDC3 to work anywhere - including, in browsers, mobile, desktop containers, and native applications. Connectifi provides organizations and platforms with the infrastructure to build and grow their ecosystems through interoperability while maintaining complete control over their security, data, and application technology. Co-founded by the creator of FDC3 and technology veterans in finance, Connectifi is redefining the possibilities for application interoperability. Contact us at info@connectifi.co.