October 17, 2023

Joining FINOS

Joining FINOS

This week, Connectifi officially joined the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS).  Given our long standing involvement with FINOS, this probably isn’t much of a surprise to anyone familiar with the space.  Nevertheless, it’s an important milestone for us and what we believe is the promise of FINOS and open source in finance.

I’ve been involved with FINOS from its inception and made multiple contributions, including the FDC3 standard which was the first community contributed project in FINOS (and one of the most prominent still).  FINOS has been a home to FDC3 and a community to me personally for many years.  As the co-founder of Connectifi, it’s been an imperative to continue to support the core values of openness and access that FINOS represents.

Connectifi is unique in being the first enterprise exclusively focused on tech implementing the FDC3 interoperability standard.  We are also one of only two (along with the Prospective Company) companies coming out of FINOS projects to date to have received VC funding.  In this way, Connectifi represents a model of success for open source and FINOS specifically, proving that value can be generated from tech innovations coming out of capital markets.

Going forward, we are super excited to deepen our work with FINOS and FDC3.  For the early success of FDC3 to be sustained and expanded, we must continue to make the tech that enables interoperability more widely accessible across the ecosystem.  A big part of the vision for Connectifi is making FDC3 possible on web or any other tech stack and freely available through cloud services.   With installs and cross-tech boundaries removed, implementors can focus on use cases and driving business value from interoperability, rather than burning dev cycles on just getting things wired up.  Lowering the bar for adoption, digging deep on use cases, and clearly demonstrating the ROI from FDC3 interoperability are all key things we will be working to advance with FINOS.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve seen FINOS, open source in finance, FDC3, and interoperability take shape and take flight.  We are super excited to be joining FINOS for this next phase!  If you want to learn more, email us at contact@connectifi.co or better yet, come see us at OSSF in NYC on November 1st!