February 22, 2024

Connectifi Agent Now on NuGet

Connectifi Agent Now on NuGet

Last year, we announced our native .NET and Swift clients for WPF and iOS.  These clients expose native FDC3 interfaces that allow applications beyond the web to securely and seamlessly interoperate with any other application running in native tech, desktop containers, web, and across VMs and devices.  The feedback from that soft launch provided us with some key insights into how critical native integration is for the whole interoperability story.  Specifically:

  • There are still a lot of core native applications out there and they aren’t getting migrated to web anytime soon.
  • More and more greenfield projects are being built directly for browser, so Native > Browser interoperability is increasingly important.
  • Many desktop applications run in VMs like Citrix or on dedicated devices and need a better method for bridging across these boundaries.

Finally, the recent news from Apple regarding the killing of PWA in the EU is a stark reminder of just how critical native support still is for mobile.  Building a responsive UI isn’t going to cut it for true cross-device support.

At Connectifi, we are all in on cross-device and browser agnostic interoperability that allows applications to integrate without expensive and time consuming rewrites.  So, we are thrilled to announce that our native WPF agent is now freely available on NuGet.

You can get the WPF Agent package here:


See the .NET Agent in action:

Try It Out

You can try it out yourself by pointing to our 'SandboxSecure' directory in our demo environment at https://dev.connectifi-interop.com eg.

-- CODE language-js --
var agentControl = new DesktopAgentWPF();
(this.Content as Grid).Children.Add(agentControl);
desktopAgent = await agentControl.CreateAgent('<https://dev.connectifi-interop.com>', 'myApp@sandboxSecure');

Add the agent (from NPM or get it directly from the server at https://dev.connectifi-interop.com/agent/main.bundle.js) to a web application, point it to the same service URL and directory and test connectivity between the browser and your native app.

You can also integrate with our demo apps in the browser.  For example:




Please reach out with your feedback and questions at info@connectifi.co.